Chandler Run's Available Puppies

On this page, we post photographs of the current puppies available from our breeding program, and pictures (bottom) that show the amazing colors we are achieving with our breeders. Chandler Run puppies are bred from our best studs and females for the affectionate playful Yorkie personality, good health, small sturdy bodies, tiny faces. The desirable colors speak for themselves. Many of our puppies carry for blonde, gold, and parti. Our puppies are well-socialized and are only placed in good homes or with reputable breeders. All are AKC registered, vet checked, and they come with current vaccinations and a one-year genetic health guarantee. For more information, email us at

This page was last updated 4/5/2014.


Charm's February Puppies

Charm (pictured below) and Jasper (see Studs page) produced five puppies in four colors! From left in the photograph (taken March 30, 2014, when they are five weeks old), the puppies include a white/blonde parti male ($2500), an ee light golden female ($1700), a traditional female (carries for blonde and parti, $1700), another ee light golden female (SOLD), and a traditional parti female (SOLD). The three photographs on the second row are the remaining puppies in this litter -- the white/blonde parti male, the ee light golden female, and the traditional female. They were born Feb. 24. Contact us to reserve your puppy! They were color tested with DDC and the darker female and traditional parti female both carry chocolate. We are so happy with this litter!

Kyra Diamond Rio
parti malegolden female traditional female

Chandler Run's Colorful Yorkies

In the top two photos is the amazing array of colorful puppies. From left to right are Jezebel's three puppies, Trinket's four, DeeDee's blonde male and, in the right photo, are Flurry's four puppies. Twleve puppies of color from four litters! And then Charm surpried us with the amazing rainbow of color in her five puppies (first photo, second row). Four more photos show how beautiful they are as they grow.

colorful puppies colorful puppies
Colorful Chandler Run Pups puppies

puppies puppies colorful puppies

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